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Turbo Diesel Bobber

Turbo Diesel Bobber A Very Interesting Ride Phil Kissinger 12/6/2017 Here’s the story of how the diesel happened. I have an 09 super glide and an 06 street glide. I love them both and have put a shitload of Work into them. After a bunch of bike nights and shows I realized that these days it’s all been done. Even though I have the ability to build anything I want, I don’t have the bank account to back it up. So how does one build something original without re-mortgaging the house? Rat rod! I’ve been around the culture for years so, why the hell not. I figured between the piles of parts me and my buddies have, there has to be a whole bike in there. The rest I could wheel and deal or make it from scratch. So I found a wrecked 04 Electra frame online and started there. The ass end was trashed so I picked up a softail swingarm cheap because I knew it would accept a 200 rear tire. There was a bike shop closing up where I made out like a bandit. Got the 5 speed twin cam trans out of a dyna, the springer front end and some miscellaneous bits. Cut up the frame to fit the swing arm and the front end. Bars are off my buddies cross bones. So now I had a rolling chassis. So I’m sitting in the garage one night drinking beer staring at this thing thinking of how to find an engine that is cool, but not a POS or a beauty queen. So I went on Craigslist looking for anything that might fit in the frame. A guy was selling a military generator that was diesel, and it hit me. This bitch is gonna be a turbo diesel! That engine was too tiny to move a bike, so I searched the web for something small that still had some power. Found a Thermo king APU out of a refrigerated trailer. Went to pick it up. By the measurements it “should” fit. No fucking clue how I’m gonna make it work. How hard could it be..........? Here’s a list of everything that was made from scratch: Motor mounts, trans plate, header pipe, turbo flanges, radiator mounts, primary tensioner, pegs, shifter, clutch pedal, throttle cable, seat I knew the rear was a softail so I started from the back and built forward. Once the trans was in place with the motor centered for balance, I measured the offset for the primary. Took stock guts from a Harley primary and had the front cog machined to fit the flywheel with the offset built in. EASY! Bought a turbo off eBay, for a side by side. Radiator from a Honda shadow. After a million and one odds and ends, I got a turbo diesel bobber. Its definitely a strange bike to ride. It runs great if it’s making boost, but when you first pull out, it chugs like a garden tractor until the turbo spools. Add the foot clutch jockey shift to the mix.......let’s just say it’s not for beginners. LOL Took it to some shows and won. It’s a hit at bike nights. Mission accomplished! TECHNICAL INFORMATION Owner: Phil Kissinger Bike Name: rat bastard Builder: Phil Kissinger City/state: Hamburg PA Company Info: Patriot Collision Center Address: 60 State Street Hamburg Pa 19526 Phone: 610-562-9400 Fabrication: Phil K Manufacturing: Phil K Welding: Phil K Machining: Stichters Machine ENGINE Year: 2002 Make: Yanmar Model: TK270M Displacement: 570cc Case finish: original TRANSMISSION Year: 2005 Make: Harley Gear configuration: 5 speed, jockey shift Primary: Harley Clutch: Harley Final drive: Harley FRAME Year: 2004 Builder: Harley Style or Model: FLHTC Stretch: NONE Rake: Stock MODIFICATIONS Widened swing arm area to accept Softail swing arm. Custom built hard tail mounts FRONTEND Make: DNA Model: springer Tanks: ummm, I don’t know Fenders: custom rear. No front PAINT Type: exterior door paint Pinstriping: red scallops WHEELS Front Make: Harley Size: 21 Brake calipers: none Tire: Dunlop Rear Make: Harley Size: 17 Brake calipers: Harley Brake rotor: Harley Pulley: Harley Tire: Dunlop CONTROLS Foot controls: custom foot clutch pedal Finish: rattle can black Brake lines: custom kit Handlebar controls: Harley Finish: black/silver Clutch Cable: Harley Brake Lines custom, kit Shifting: jockey, grenade shift knob Kickstand: la choppers Charging: ac Delco mini alternator Starter: Yanmar Wiring: custom Headlight: from a friend Taillight: model A replica ACESSORIES Electrical accessories: lift pump, cooling fan, glow plugs Switches: NAPA auto parts Battery: Deka WHATS LEFT Seat: custom made Mirror(s): from a friend Gas caps: v-twin Handlebars: from a friend Grips: junk pile Pegs: fabricated Oil filter: Briggs and Stratton Fuel filter: wix Throttle cables: bicycle brake cable COMMENTS Credits: Thank You to: My VERY understanding wife, Scott Ulrich’s motorcycle shop for letting me raid the spare parts room, Cheez and the MBMC. SOURCE: baggers.bikernet.com/pages/TURBO_DIESEL_BOBBER.asp…

Chopper & Bobber Town
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#Supercharged 120 merch engine on #chopper

Supercharged 120 merch engine

The sound of a 120 merch engine on a custom bike.

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