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2011 Summer Grant Recipients

Elizabeth Jennings: $1000.00 Medical Treatment Grant Recipient  

My name is Elizabeth Jennings.  I have been living in constant excruciating pain 24/7 since April of 2010. After the long medical journey I was finally correctly diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.  Scared of this disease, I threw myself into research regarding treatments for this incurable disease.  Remission appears possibly if treated aggressively and quickly. The lack of knowledge within the medical community is atrocious. The lack of treatment options is heartbreaking.  Awareness is the only hope I have of helping the community of people I have met through this catastrophic disease. For the thousands of people suffering with RSD/CRPS I hope to send my story to as many people as possible with the ambition of raising awareness.  NAIDW is helping me to reach those goals.  With the grant money I am able to participate in a treatment not covered by my insurance, but has shown 70% success rates of decreasing your pain.  NAIDW has given me hope. It is impossible for me to communicate effectively the amount of pain that RSD causes me on a daily basis.  If cutting my arm off had even the remote possibility of relieving even a small amount of the pain I would not hesitate.  I know there are many others out there suffering just like me, and many much worse.   My health is now in perpetual crisis, we have looming medical debt, and my marriage in a state of perpetual miscommunication.  It can all be overwhelming on a day-to-day basis to say the least. Yet somehow, I feel hope when I see progress as we try and work to grow into a stronger family unit throughout these years of hardship. Through NAIDW I hope we can all reach out and form a community along with our caretakers and medical teams to help bring a better understanding to not only Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, but also the effects of chronic pain, medication, and health care treatments on patients and family life. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my personal struggle with this disease. Thank you to NAIDW for this grant money that will help bring me out of my world of pain.   So far I’ve been kicked in the gut and punched in the face but I’m still swinging.  I refuse to give in to the disease for myself, for my family, and for anyone that has been afflicted with a chronic pain disease. Elizabeth Jennings

Erica Potter: $500.00 Medical Assistance Grant Recipient

My name is Erika Potter and I have a Chronic Disease called Lupus. Because of Lupus I had to stop teaching. I have to pay my bills from my disability now and they are building up and I have to choose what bills to pay each month with my limited funds. This Grant has helped me pay my bills down so I don't have to worry about when I can pay them next. Thank you NAIDW for helping me out in my time of need...

Robert (Bob) Dill: $500.00 Housing Assistance Grant Recipient

"I started my search on the internet.. just I guess looking for a shoulder to cry on. After being abused by the system, doctors, lawyers, and insurance carriers. I came across these guys.  Not only did I get that shoulder, but also valuable information and support Mr Arbay is awesome and the company that he keeps!" -  Bob Dill

Sheree Brown: $500.00 Housing and Child Education Grant Recipient 

I am so thankful,My children and I are jumping up and down ! Finally good news.The Lord had blessed us with a home my new landlord info is attached.He also cancelled that great debt of mine with F P L in the amount of $4,840.The debt incurred for 3 yrs from the time I had accident and could no longer work.I am still in pain each day,yet I remain thankful.I am most thankful for meeting NAIDW because you were the 1st people to "care", show "compassion", give me comfort and support.I will be honored to be a continued member as well as promote your cause in any way I am able.Attached also are my kids and grankids. Just had difficulty with my computer trying to send link to my landlord so I send another way.

2011 Winter Grant Recipients

Rebecca Wojtyszka: $500.00 Child Education Grant Recipient

When I was first injured in 2008 I never expected that I would be where I am today. I had a daughter getting ready to graduate from high school and head off to college and I was not expecting to be put out of work. Today, three years later, I am still unable to go back to work and I am struggling just to help my daughter with her basic needs. Tessa is in her third year of college at West Virginia University and is studying Criminology. She is struggling on her own to be able to afford to go to such a large university and I just like to try my best to help her in whatever way I can. She has many loans to pay for her schooling and is still trying to make ends meet. Today, I am still looking for answers as to why I am still experiencing so much pain. I was a waitress for 23 years and I am not used to not being on the go all day long. It’s a struggle for me to even get out of bed every morning, and that is not the person I used to be. I am currently dealing with workman’s compensation and it is stressful and tiresome to say the least. I am also still receiving treatment for my back and knee injury, but nothing seems to be working out. I have now decided to try to further my own education. I have started taking a few classes at the local community college, which is becoming a struggle on its own. Due to the medications that I am currently taking it makes it very hard for me to focus and concentrate on any tasks. I know that I need to be retrained and am hoping to learn something new because I know that the service industry will not longer be an option for me anymore. I am personally very thankful that NAIDW was able to award us this grant to help her cover some of her expenses. We have been trying to look all over to find some sort of help out there and it is very rewarding to know that there is some organization out there that helps injured workers and their families. Tessa is also very thankful. She was worried about being able to go to the school of her choice because of our financial situation, and I am glad that we are trying to make it work.


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